Tantrum – Tour Visual Reel

Client: Tantrum
Director: Rob Gray

I often work on visual media for live performances. This is a reel I cut for an incredible outfit called Tantrum. “Tantrum produces unique visual media for live performances. With a spirited focus on music-driven content, we feel that our work and our processes are experiential.” “Tantrum’s goal is the heightened and enriched experience of the Audience. Tantrum’s name, in fact, is an homage to the Audience’s ‘outburst of emotion’ that takes place when the stage lights strike.” In the reel you’ll see some of my work along with work from the rest of the team of artist at Tantrum. They have a impressive client portfolio that is constantly growing. Their work is second to none, hopefully you’ve already got to experience it at a show. If not you’ll get a taste by watching this reel. “Motivated by reason and with a mission to support the Artists who take the stage, Tantrum thrives in the complexity of creating visual media that serves the music.”